Choosing a carrier a can be really a difficult choice but if you have thought to build your carrier as a programmer we are her to help you and if you can a student you can improve your programming skills to get a better job. So today i will be sharing 7 Tips to become a successful Programmer in your life and if you will follow this this i guarantee you  that you will get your dream job .

1. Always get your code reviewed by someone -
It's not like that you may have written the code wrong even if your code is working fine you should ask others reviews on it.

This will help you to improve your codeing skills as you may get better ways to implement your algorithms by suggestions given by others.

So you should keep in touch with other coders and reviews each other's code.

2. Start from basic and never rush -

A good Programmer always start learning a programming language from basics . Because clearing the basis of the programming language is most important thing without it you will naver be able to write  advance projects as you will get many logical errors which are very hard to find sometimes. So always make you base strong.

3. Start writing a blog -

You should start writing blog about different programs and help other people to learn code . Writing such technical blogs will help you to learn your consecpt easily and you will get  lot of industry standard knowledge. 
It will also help to build your personal brand which is very important to get a job .
So i suggest you to start blogging .

4. Work on team codeing projects -

You should start doing team project as when you will start codeing with different people you will get many things to learn like how to do Teamwork, time management , you will also get real life working experience . 
As experience and hardworking  is the key to become a successful coders.

5.  Enroll in coding challenges 

If you will search you online there are always many codeing challenges going on on different websites . Participating in 
This contest will give you a lots of experience. 
6. Always Compare your code -

You should always Compare your code with a person who is better coder than you Or read professional devlopers codes avilable on Google, GitHub,stack Overflow etc.

7. Enjoy what you do -

You should always enjoy what you are doing ,read professional coders blog,see YouTube tutorials,use GitHub share your code there help other ,contribute in opensource projects.

Print("Bye ! 👋")

So that all for today, if you like our blog pls post a comment below .

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