Today i will be going to review aosp extended rom Android 11 rom. And this article we will see what bis working perfectly and what is not in this rom .

AOSP extended has gained a lots of popularity these days . I am also a fan of this rom and using it for about more than a year . This roms has lots of features and customisation and also i was a very stable rom. 

AOSP android 11 Rom - Full review Pros and Cons


This is a android 11 release and it's still in the development mode so will find less no of features now but as the development will go on devlopers will add new features with time and make it more stable.

This roms has latest security patch 6 September and but now aosp extended has remove ota features from their rom . So you will have to flash every new  version released manually .

Features and customisation of AOSP:

The home screen is similar looking to pixel and also this rom is bloatware free so you no more have to see the forcefully pushed apps in your rom and you install app according to your self.

The power menu has a very beautiful new look that comes with android 11 and you also get new live captions feature in sounds settings.

For navigation gestures you have to enable it from settings but the new android 11 getures are butter smooth i personally liked it very much .

There is a new style screen shot feature that only takes a snap of the opened window and you can also select and copy any text shown on your screen with latest  Android 11 . I really like this feature and it's a very helpful features .

Now stock android has a screen recording features that was not in the previous android version and it make easy for you to record and share your screen without using any third party apps .

Pros and Cons of AOSP extended android 11 :

In some of the previous android 11 gsi hotspot was not working but in AOSP extended hotspot in working perfectly without any issues.

It's has a cool minimalist look and feel.

Fingers print ,volte and will calling all are working perfectly .

Gcam are also working very great in this rom and i am having a very good quality pictures out of it and all other modes such as night and astro are are perfectly tuned which may be must for some of the photography lovers like me.

This roms has some issues like dual sim is not working and some others bugs and lacks of features . If you want more features you can stay android 10 . 

If you can manage with and just want to try out new features you can definitely flash this rom to get a taste of android 11.

Final thoughts about this rom :

This rom is worth giving a try. 
Also tell me in comments that what you feel about this rom . Will you try it or not  tell me in comments

 if you have any further questions please feel free to ask in comments I will be so happy to reply.

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