In our day to day life , sometimes we have to go somewhere and we  can not carry our laptops with us . But where ever is go we carry out mobile device with us . So today i am going to tell how to do codeing on android phone ? Yea you heard it right nowdays it's easily possible as there are many app's avilable on playstore which lets you to code anywhere you just need your android device with you .

There are many app's available so which to choose . 

Decoder , compiler IDE : is the app which i prefer you due to its features and  interface. I personally use this app to write code in my routine whenever i can't access my laptop due to any reason .

So decoder compiler is a mobile app which was built with an aim to provide there user facilities to write code and algorithms using their mobile device anywhere without needing to carry their laptops every where to write can also create and manage your GitHub and git projects using this app.

It supports most of the programming languages like c ,c++ , python, HTML,Pascal,Java, swift, PHP, Ruby , Lua ,kotlin ,rust, Scala ,R and other programming languages.

It also supports frameworks like React js, Angular js, django, flask, Flutter,Git support and Ruby on rails etc.

The main features of this decoder compliler mobile apk is :

  • It has a rich code editor 
  • Code editor provides features like auto completion , auto bracket ,auto intendation etc .
  • Undo ,redo , auto save 
  • You can open and save files to device memory
  • It Also takes input while we run the code in the app
  • The app is very fast
It has a beautiful interface . I use this mostly to write my college python and c program for my colleague . Actually i am in first year at lovely professional University.

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