what is c programming language ? 

What is c prgramming Language ? Basic introdution for collage students

c is a gernel purpose programming language.It is one of the most popular and widely used programming language.It like a swiss army knife as it one of the most powerful programming language. 

if you know c you can easily learn other programming languages which are based on c so a student its good to start learning programming with c. It will ease your road to become a professional programmer.

C is used to build basic operating system to very advance softwares like Oracle databases, python interpreter, git.

History of c programming language ?

Now we are going to discuss about history of c programming language . You should know this as it may be asked in your interviews and exams.

Dennis Ritchie devloped c at bell laboratories in 1972 in USA.he devloped this programming language to fix the major problem in previous languages like B,BCPL etc. 
It was initially  used to develop Unix operating system. 

Features of C :

  • It so simple to learn 
  • It and indipendent and portable language 
  • C is a mid level codeing language
  • It a structured programming language (it means it can be broken in parts as functions)
  • C language has rich inbuilt library of predifined functions
  • C support dynamic memory allocation
  • It is very fast

Why to learn "C" as a student ?

I already talked that c is base of many programming languages. So learning c help us in easily  understanding basic concepts of other programming language and c has also contribution in your understanding of basic data structures , control and logical statement etc. It is a very simple and fast language.

C is a structured programming language and it can be divided in modules which can together from a C program . It's make easy to debug and write the code. And it is very portable language.

C programmers  have good scope to get job in market as there are many good job avilable for c programmers.

How "C" language  works?

C is a compiler based language. A compiler is a software that takes s full source code at a time and converts into a machine readable format.
When the complication gets completed the linker link or combine all files into a single executable file which can be run as a program.

Nowadays there are various list or compiler avilable online like gcc,MinGW,turbo c etc most of this compliers can execute both C and C++ programs.


  • Dennis Retchie devloped "C" in 1972
  • C is a low level programming language
  • It is widely popular in software development
  • It's a cross platform language
  • C is very portable language 
  • C has fast execution speed
  • Linker links object file and create single executable file
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