What is GitHub ?

What is GitHub And Why collage students should use it ?

As a student you have heard the term GitHub many times from your class mates and teachers and you will be willing to know what is it so today i will clearify all you doughts.

GitHub is Website where you can host your code and do version control and  it let's you work in collaboration with other people on your code.

What is "Git" in GitHub ?

Git is a version control software created by the creator of the Linux operating system.

But what version control system really is . Take a example if you're a devloper and devlopeing an app you will be continuously modifing the code to add new features to app or to fix bugs in the last version and release new version of app regularly .
Git version control system manager the version helps devlopers to modify new code then upload the latest version of code and collaboration with other devlopers to build your code and shorting of version according to the new releases.

Git as a version control system is loved and preferred by most of the devlopers as it has many advantages over other versions control systems.

What does "Hub" means Here ?

This it what makes GitHub so special . Hub here means that GitHub is like a social media of devlopers where devlopers can see each other's code and make modifications or learn from other code .

Some basic Terms you should know if you are using GitHub :

What are GitHub "repos" or repository ?

Repos are like a folder where all files of a specific project are stored . Every project you will be working on will  have it own repo which you can access using a specific url.

What is "forking" a repo on GitHub ?

Forking a project means coping a project build by someone else  to your own account  for some reason like if you want to make changes the project and make a new project out of it or if you want to make contributions to the project. After making changes you can release the revised project as a new repository.

And also if the old repo from which you have fork the project get updated you can also get that changes easily to your new repo.

"Pull request" in GitHub :

Let's understand this by an example like you forked a project and made many major changes to it. Like you have added some features or removed some bugs  from code and now you want the original devloper of the program know about it then you can make a pull requests and the the devloper will come to know that you have made this changes and if the devloper like it  can also include that changes to the original repository.

Why are "commits" in GitHub ?

Every chance you make in a repo is a commit and every commit has a description that what changes were made in the repo .

What are branches in GitHub ?

Branches are the different versions of your repo which you are working on same time.
The version you are working on is the master branche. And other branches and just copies of master brach in which you many changing or adding some new code . And when you make your changes and code is working perfectly you can them merge that changes to your master branch.

And that's all for today we will meet again with some new topic. And don't forget to leave a comment and sign up for newsletter to receive updates daily .
Thanks you.
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