Why Students should learn Python ? 

Why Students should learn Python Programming in 2020 ? | CodeingNoon.com

Python is one of the most popular programming languages and it's loved by all students,devlopers, software engineers , data scientists and even by cybersecurity experts due to its flexibly and object oriented nature. Many apps and software we use today are  built using different python libraries. It is a great programming language to build simple projects to very advance and large complex projects.

Python is a high level language and and can complete complex projects but python is very easy to learn and python syntax are very simple and easy to understand and learn even for beginners.

You can Learn python by various ways like reading book (i personally Learned python is school using book and practiceing the programs),or you can enroll in  various onilne courses that are available on internet or can all learn from different YouTube channel that teach python in a very simple manner.

Top  6 uses of python programming language :

1. Web testing :

It is a great choice for developer and students who want to automate web testing. Python also have a inbuilt library for web testing 
"PyUnit". You can use this library to check if you code is working as you want or not before you put your web application online. Due to its impression shell and great string manipulation it great choice for doing repetitive functions.

2. Data Extraction :

Web scraping and data extraction features of python also make it a great language. With help of this you can collect data from web and organise them and can use that data to accomplish some specific tasks
Python has many scraping tools like serelium,urllib2 and framework like scrappy and standard libraries like beutifulsoup and request
Which can be used to efficiently extract content of webpages.
Most of this data is used in seo field, marketing and sales project , machine learning and e-commerce data collection etc.

3. CyberSecurity :

When it comes to cybersecurity python has a very big name in it. Most of the CyberSecurity experts use python to develop tools.
The are many usefull cybersecurity tools build using python like nmap,sqlmap, request etc.
Expert use python for web Penetration testing like brute force and for finding vulnerability is web applications and devlopeing exploits.

4. Database management with python :

Python3 has a great database connection functionality to database software like MySQL,nosql, Oracle etc. You can easily edit , create , delete , manage database in real time in python. 

5. Artificial intelligence (A.I) and Data science :

A.I and machines learning are one of the most advanced topics of this decades and python it great for it as you have seen many ai chatbots most of the are based on python due to its wide range of libraries and it's a interpreted language so it great for building virtual machines. 
Many professional programmer recommend python for doing artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

5. Web development :

No one can deny the success gained by python in few decades. Python can not only be used to   web development but can be used in internet development.
Python provide django framework which can be used for rapid development and building secure website without much hassle.

Some important features of python programming :- 

  • Easy to learn syntax
  • Large no of predifined libraries
  • Fast and efficient language
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • High salary jobs
  • Scripts and automation of tasks
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