In today blog i will be telling you that which programming language used in arogya setu app.
also some basic information about this apk

Which programming languages used for creating aarogya Setu app?

what is Arogya setu apk ?

Arogya setu is a app developed by government of India health department to ensure the safety of Indian in this COVID-19 situation . It tells the users how to protect themselves from this virus and how they can improve they immunity and also other health related tips . 

This app already have reached 100 Millions plus download .

Some main Features of arogya setu app are -

  • it's has minimal and very simple user interface.
  • it scan nearby users of this apk using Bluetooth
  • track location information of the user 
  • uses ssl encryption to transfer data securely
  • it available in 12 India languages
  • show covid 19 statics and guidelines and helpline numbers to the users
this apk has help government to successfully indentify people with high risk of covid 19 infection and track that what places that person have gone and may have spread the virus and this apk also helped the government in determining the hotspot regions.

what program languages used in arogya setu ?

The app is developed using Java and kotlin programming languages . 
java is used 53.4 % and the rest is kotlin programming language.

now government of India has made the app open source and the source code is available on their official GitHub repo .

link to repo -

it you want to see the code of this apk or even contribute this project you can visit this link and help the developer to make the code more better .

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