Many of you are asking what is Linux, how can we learn Linux or asking how to get in cyber security What should we do the first to get in the cybersecurity field so the answer is you should learn Linux for that and today I will be telling you how can you learn Linux operating system and what is it and what importance is have in the field of cybersecurity.


How to learn linux ? Getting started in cybersecurity !

What is Linux? our First question ..

So let's get started with Introduction LINUX operating system . It Just like Windows or Mac . It is one of the most popular Free operating systems in the world and even Android is also based on Linux .

For a long time Linux has been one of the top choices of techgeeks and cyber security experts and programmers .It is also an open source software that means you can easily change according to your need and even distribute that .

So because of this there are many different Linux distributions out there , which can fulfill the needs of everyone according to their choice . if you are new and having difficulty in choosing one .

So, I can help you if you just want to use Linux as a daily driver then you probably should go with Ubuntu or Linux mint and if you want to get into the field of cybersecurity then Kali or Parrot will be a great choice . You can try different Linux distributions and find the what is best suited for you.


Now how to learn Linux ?

One of the most important parts of the linux Is the command line or we call it a terminal. so let's understand what a terminal is . It is similar to a CMD in Windows , whatever we do in a Windows by clicking and opening files and we can directly do all this in a terminal by using the commands , like for Changing from one file to another by using command CD and to show the file in that folder we use the LS command.

Now you have a basic knowledge of the command line so lets understand where and how to learn .There are many tutorials out there , you can find them on Google or YouTube they are all easily available for free.

Find them and just practice them on your Linux terminal because without practicing you can't learn Linux By just seeing videos or reading tutorials. So Keep practicing them and whenever you get stuck in somewhere just Google it . this is the best way to learn Linux 


Getting started in cyber security .

Yes, learning Linux is the first step to get started in the cyber security or Network security career path . Because most tools made for cyber security are available on Linux and also you should know how to use all types of operating systems so learning Linux is a must .


And how is Linux better than Windows ?

Windows have many restrictions you cannot do whatever you want in Windows and sometimes , Windows don't even work on old computers but in case of Linux you can do whatever you want with your Linux desktop environments you can even make your own Linux distro if you have enough knowledge and LINUX Run or even or very old pc very smoothly because it is very less resource hungry and can even Run in a PC having Ram less than 1GB.

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So that makes Linux a preferable choice for many of us who are not having a powerful PC but we want to run our operating system without any lags.

so now I will be ending here and if you have any further questions just write a comment below I will be happy to answer . and writing a comment also motivate me to get more content like this for you

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