Hello guys today will be see a list of 5 best Linux distribution out there suitable for beginners , students as well as professionals .

5 best Linux Distros out there for Beginners

So why only Linux not windows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?

  • Security
  • Stability
  • Open Source
  • SSH Support
  • Programming language Support
  • It's free
  • Many more ...
and the last reason and the most important one I don't like windows : ) . 

5.Garuda Linux

5 best Linux Distros out there for Beginners

It is relatively very new linux distribution which is based on arch Linux .It is made in india . it is one of the best Linux distribution I want to do some gaming as well as a general purpose work.

it is a very stunning looking desktop environment which gives a gaming vibe even have a dedicated GUI Based software dedicated to gaming which provides features to download lots of emulator and games in just a click.

it's minimum requirement are 4GB of Ram and 32GB of storage space with a decent amount of processing power.

4. Linux Mint

5 best Linux Distros out there for Beginners

Linux mint is based on Ubuntu Linux and it is free and open source Linux distro. it is one of the first distro I used when I started learning Linux. Linux mint is also easy to use and has many customisation features. attitude has very elegant and clean look.

Linux mint complete 3 desktop environment cinnamon , xfce and Mate . My favourite is cinnamon desktop environment and I also recommend to download that only if you don't know much about other desktop environments.

Linux mint also have a large community also bin constantly updated and improved day by day. The latest release of Linux mint is 20.0 ulyana.

its minimum requirement at 2GB of RAM and 20 GB of hard disk storage space.

3. Ubuntu Linux

5 best Linux Distros out there for Beginners

Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating system of all time and many other linux distributions are based on Ubuntu . By defaults is come with a Genome desktop environment.
Ubuntu also comes with a massive repository with 50000 software available for download. It comes with many useful software pre installed such as liberal office , thunderbird , firefox browser etc.

Ubuntu to this very easy to use and comes with lots of customisation features you can customise it according to your need . Ubuntu also has a very large community where you can find answer for your Ubuntu related queries.

It also has a user friendly GUI Based package manager in which you can easily install or manage your software.

The minimum requirement for Ubuntu is 2 gigahertz dual core processor and 4GB ram and 25 GB of storage space.

2. Elementary OS

5 best Linux Distros out there for Beginners

Elementary OS was released in 2011 and been in industry for about more than 9 years. it comes with a Pantheon desktop environment which is very similar looking to Mac OS. it has a stunning UI with which is very much inspired by Mac OS even has a centre dock like Mac OS.

Elementary OS has a well created app centre in which you can easily install any application with just a matter of click without any hassles.

It also has a good collection of pre-installed useful software such as GIMP image editor, Midori web browser, Photo viewer, Geary, etc to perform our day to day basis tasks.

it is also based on Ubuntu it is a very stable and fast  Linux distribution even on low configurations.

1. Zorin OS

5 best Linux Distros out there for Beginners

zorin OS is a Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu you and this project was started in 2009 and it is a well known reknowned distribution that is the first choice for many programmers and students. it is a very user friendly and powerful Linux distro that was made keeping in mind the beginners Linux users.

If you are moving from a windows or Mac platform you will be very comfortable with it because of it's neat and clean UI and desktop. so it is highly recommended for those who want to get started with learning Linux.

its comes in 4 different editions which are basic ,core, Student and  ultimate edition. 
In this basic ,core and student edition are free and only Ultimate edition is paid for 39$.

Zorin OS is pre packed with many useful applications and softwares that you need on day to day basis.and all four addition is packed with liberal office which is similar to Microsoft office.

This Linux distro was perfectly even all old Pc. with the minimum requirement of 2GB RAM and 10 GB storage.

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